Monday, June 27, 2016

Book of Norman

This week was full of service. We started it off with a zone
conference where we said goodbye to our mission president. We get
president smith on July 1. I'm looking forward to the changes that he
will bring to the mission and I'm also looking forward to getting to
know him personally. The rest of the week was full of service. We
moved people in and out, worked on Ed Creasy's farm with the horses.
We hit our mileage in the car so we started walking everywhere. It
sucks because it takes us about an hour to get to a place that is 3
miles away... We get our miles renewed at the beginning of the month.
(Seven month mark this week..)

We went up to Carters mountain to get some peaches. And talk about the view!!

A funny experience was that we had a member take us down to
Scottsville, VA. Down there it is a totally different place from the
rest of fluvana. We worked in that area for about 5 hours and got no
results.. The people are baptist and set in their ways I guess. It
also doesn't help that we are taller than everyone we meet. Sometimes
I think we scare everyone.

We were sharing a message with one recent convert in the ward, Edna.
She is a funny little lady and has a super thick drawl. Anyway. She
kept talking about how she started to read the Book of Norman again.
My companion isn't use to the drawl so he kept lookin at the member we
brought with us funny. I noticed it so I decided I would mess with him
a little. I started talking in a slight drawl and started talking
about the Book of Norman as another testament of Jesus Christ. Edna
didn't notice but the member did. He chuckled but my companion didn't
really know what was going on. Then I turned to my companion to try
and include him a little and I said "Elder what's your thoughts on
this Book of Norman?"
He replied. "Well I think you're talking about the Book of Mormon but
you keep saying it weird."
We all got a good laugh but he didn't think it was funny.

Anyway that was our week. As missionary work goes, there is always an
interesting experience around the bend. Hope everyone is all well! And
I hope you liked your father day gift!

Love you all~

- Elder Caleb Gibbons

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