Monday, September 12, 2016

Scotchtown smokes

Oh this week was nuts! I don't even know where to begin haha. Oh and
why does Scotchtown smoke? Because literally every one of our
investigators smoke.

So let me give you a little bit of background. We are in a ward that
loves sisters, but doesn't really like elders, because of a past elder
in the area. Two transfers ago the elders replaced the sisters and I
can definitely tell that the ward is still pretty bitter about it. So
our job is not only to be a missionary, but also to befriend the ward.
But this week was crazy! So I'll go day to day.

Monday we didn't do much until the evening. We had dinner with a
member in the evening, then after that we went to an investigators
house and they were just watching the end of Gods not dead 2. So we
caught the last 10 minutes, I know we weren't suppose to, but we were
able to transition it into our lesson afterwards.

Tuesday we got a call from one of our investigators named Jaclyn. She
wanted us to come over and when we pulled up she was smoking. Which
was a bad sign because she had quit a month ago.. We asked what was
wrong and she told us that her car blew up and her rent check didn't
clear and her ex-husband was harassing her for more money. She told us
that her life had started going downhill and she was at an all time
low since she has been meeting with us. So after a short talk with her
about adversity she told us that she wished she never had met the
missionaries. It was awkward for a second, but I told her that we
would look at her car and see if it was fixable or not. That was
pretty much the highlight of Tuesday.

Wednesday we had a Zone conference with a seventy there. His name was
Elder Kapishke and he taught us about unifying our mission. It was
cool because we were able to suck in a lot of info from him all about
missionary work. I need to like forget the last 9 month of the mission
haha. But it was a great conference. It took the majority of the day
so afterwards we ran over and taught one of our investigators called
Derek. He had limited time so we shared a scripture with him and told
him to continue reading the Book of Mormon. But just out of my own
curiosity, I asked about what he thought about baptism. We talked for
a while and he said that he would get baptized the day after he quit
smoking. That was such a cool lesson because his son was there and he
said that if his dad got baptized he would also get baptized! So it
was a great way to end the day.

Thursday we called Jaclyn and she sounded happier? So we asked if we
could meet her at the auto shop and check out her car. So after
looking at it doing some tests, we concluded that her head had cracked
and the engine needed to be replaced. So we made some phone calls for
her and within an hour we had like 3 buyers who wanted it. She was
pumped! So we towed it back to her place. She said she was in a better
mood, because for some reason her tuition check came a month early so
she was able to pay her rent and look for a car. Later on in the day
we went over to another investigators house. Their names are Micheal
and Christina. We taught them the restoration again and the
conversation got a little heated after we started talking about the
law of Moses. We talked about church history and I proved all of them
right with scripture references, but she was still so hard headed. She
pulled out this book called the lost books of the bible. So.. Then it
turned into an argument about how that book is not scripture and it is
not called the bible for a reason. So if you ever read it just keep
that in mind..

Friday we went up north and visited a bunch of potentials and members.
It was a busy day and I was really tired for some reason, but we kept
at it. We went to the Millers house and visited that family and he
told us that they were going to dinner with the rest of the Elders
quorum. So we asked if we could join and he didn't see a problem with
it so we tagged along. When we got to the Walsh's the hamburgers
weren't even on the grill yet so we ended up just playing around with
all the kids. Then he whooped out his dirtbikes and I died I wanted to
ride it so bad. But he wouldn't let us so I asked if we could at least
get a picture on them.

Saturday we were able to sell Jaclyns car! She was so pumped and felt
super indebted to us. We went over afterwards and talked to her about
the Book of Mormon. She was more open to it and told us her deeper
issues with our religion. So after talking about some of her issues I
found out that she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ to be the son of
God. Sooooo I told her that, faith is the first and only way to get to
an answer about the Book of Mormon. We decided that we would give her
a week to read out of the four gospels and pray hard about Jesus
Christ. We promised her that she would be able to recognize that Jesus
is her savior if she prayed and truly desired an answer. So that
update is coming next week!

It sounds like you guys had a great time at lake Powell and am jealous
that you got to go. It's a super fun place to be. I have much more
about the week but can't write it all because I'm lazy.. But I'll give
you a scripture for y'all:

D&C 137:
9: For I, the Lord, will judge all men according to their works,
according to the desire of their hearts.

Love you a lot and hope all is well! Remember God is good!

~Elder Gibbons

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