Monday, July 11, 2016

Last week of the transfer.

This week was very interesting. We had a lot of cool stuff happen!
First of all we are house sitting for the Allreds so we come over and
feed their animals and water their plant. So the first day everything
was all cool and it was going well. So I turned the a/c off and left
for the night. The next day when we came by we opened the door and it
was 90° easy inside the house. I could hardly breathe it was so hot.
So we turned the ac back on and set it to 78°. The day after that we
went over and the house was right at 65°. The lowest setting on the
thermostat. It was so cool that the humidity had condensed on all of
the Windows haha. So i guess that something I learned on my mission
was how to use a thermostat..

We had an opportunity to go into Charlottesville on Monday for a
little Independence Day celebration. Man it was scary. Everyone that I
saw on the street was holding a bud light in one hand and 12-pack in
the other. I probably saw 2-3 drunk drivers (that yes we did report).
It was crazy how many people use this holiday to get drunk hah. So the
parade got rained out so all of the elders in the area went and played
sports in the church.

The following week we had a couple of really interesting lessons. Well
I should say very unique:

Elizabeth - We went over to a members house for dinner and there was a
non member there. Of course we are going to teach her! So the entire
dinner we talked about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. She was
interested in what we had to say about the Book of Mormon but she kept
quoting scriptures trying to disprove it. The most annoying thing was
that she was reading out of the new English version of the bible.
Every verse of scripture that she quoted I have never heard. She knew
the bible well enough to quote some of the scripture but almost
everything she quoted to us she didn't know the ending so she always
said "-you can in no wise inherit the kingdom of my father". So we
did some clearing up with her about the bible translations and we also
talked about how the Book of Mormon doesn't conflict with anything the
bible says. At the end of the conversation we had kind of told her
that she should read from the Book of Mormon and study the bible with
it. There was a lot more about that whole lesson that was really
strange. (Twelve tribes of Israel are supposed to be twelve separate
churches? I don't think so...)

John - I love this dude because he is so smart! I feel bad for my
companion at times because both John and I get carried away in deep
doctrinal topics and sometimes my companion gets lost. He is a
Catholic. He has an interesting take of the Catholic Church though. He
hates the pope, he believes that most branches of the church are
corrupt, and he only believes in one doctrine taught by the Catholic
Church to be correct. Transubstantiation, or the Eucharist. She
believes, in simplicity, that you are what you eat. So when you take
the bread and wine you are literally consuming Christ. It is kind of a
strange thing to hear at first but it makes sense why so many people
would buy into it. We talked more about it and why it is such a big
deal to him. But near the end of the conversation he said "I would've
been baptized by the Mormon church a long time ago if I didn't believe
in the Eucharist." So we are still working on him!

We had a zone conference on Thursday and got to know president Smith
better. He is a great guy and I already love him. He is really wanting
what is best for us as missionaries and I love that mind set. I am
looking forward to working closely with him in the next 17 months to

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. But I love you all and hope
that all is well! The yard looks amazing and I wish I could see it
first hand! But stay safe and happy!

~Love Elder Gibbons

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