Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fwd: Soooolid news!

So family I'm pleased to announce that I will be getting transferred!
So I'm running through ice and coals right now.. One because I
freaking love this ward. It's so hard to say goodbye to some of the
members here, but the other because I'm getting a new area and a new

This week was basically pretty missionary type week. In the beginning
of the week we went into Charlottesville to play some sports and after
the member came and got us I realized I left the keys in the church.
So we didn't have a car for the next two days but it was still fun! We
got it back at district meeting on Tuesday. We didn't do much tracting
because it was mid 100's. In the beginning of the week we taught
Curtis and his wife. His car got hit by lightning so we took him to go
buy another car. We taught Jill some more and I will not be able to be
here for her baptism. I'm sad but it's just the life of a missionary!
We also did a bunch of service in the week for a bunch of our
investigators and also brother Creasy. I love his horses so much! They
are hilarious. The later part of the week we said goodbye to some
members and to our investigators. It's been a good area! And I'll miss
it like crazy but it is time to move on.

I took some pictures with some members and will send them over. I'll
also send some later tonight because I have more people to see. Sorry
for the short texted email! I'll respond to each of you later today.

Love you guy so much!

~Elder Gibbons

Last one is a picture of John one of our investigators. He's stubborn as a mule but such a cool guy. I'll definitely be visiting him when I get back!

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