Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Week🎄

Okay so I am totally pumped for my second Christmas away from home,
but I do miss all the family traditions that we always had! This last
week we were super busy, but we didn't teach as much as I would've
liked to. It was a strange week for sure.

Monday we went shopping, ate lunch with the spanish elders and played
sports. It was a fun pday but over way to fast. After we finished our
pday we had to head up north for dinner.

The first half of the week was pretty normal, we caught up with some
old investigators, which was nice! We had an exchange Wed-Thur and we
didn't get a chance to teach on the exchange. We had meetings and an
activity we had to help with... So it was a busy day. Thursday was
interesting because we had interviews. It's always a strange day
because a lot of new policies and rules get thrown into your work to
help correct us (or neighboring elders.) My interview was great and
simple. My companions not so much. After interviews we went home and
waited for the spanish elders to tell us what we needed to change, or
what they needed to change. The new policy was that we can no longer
eat dinner together at members homes, which throws a whole lot off.
They won't be able to attend any of our ward functions or sacrament
meeting. I think it's needed though, that trio is really struggling.
He almost had to break them up.

Anyway on to more uplifting news: This last month, we got permission
to use skype, facetime and imessage to communicate with investigators.
Thursday night we had a really neat experience with video
conferencing. We visited the home and taught Fedya, who mainly speaks
arabic. We've been visiting with her for the last couple weeks and
haven't had much progression because of the language barrier. However
we were able to use FaceTime this last week and have a member, who
speaks arabic, call into the lesson and teach her. There was a part
when we did lose connection, but the lesson went very well! It was
especially cool, because I thought that she never smiled, or at least
didn't know how to, but after the lesson she was laughing and smiling!
It was a complete change of demeanor. After we let Brother Carter go,
we had a prayer with her and you could definitely feel the spirit
there. She told us after the prayer she will read and pray! So all in
all it was a great experience/lesson using FaceTime!

We had some investigators come to the ward christmas party! They were
able to make some new friends and we almost got them to come to
church! It was a really fun christmas party.

Anyway that was about it for the week. Today is zone pday and I'll be
with my ipad in the church sooo if anyone wants to write me a
christmas email I'd be able to reply to it!

Love ya Mucho and see you in 6 Days!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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