Monday, December 26, 2016

It's Christmas Woooo

Wow. I cannot believe that it is Christmas already. Well it was,
yesterday. Thanks everyone for talking to me when I called home! That
was fun.

Well because of the call I feel like I don't have anything to write
bout. But I'll try! So if y'all don't know, there is a major flu virus
going around. Like something fierce. We were warned by our mission to
carry some hand sanitizer and practice safe hygiene. But the day after
they told us that, I had already caught it. It was rough. The first
night of the sickness I didn't sleep one bit. It really messed me up,
and I'm still trying to recover from that. Although the majority of
the sickness went away around Thursday, we still went out and taught
some of our investigators. Luckily I had my Pocket sized hand
sanitizer on me and used it ferociously before every visit. So I feel
confident that none of my investigators caught it!

We taught a couple lessons the last little bit of the week, then
Christmas eve hit.. Everything missionary work related ceased. All of
our appointments simultaneously dropped and we were completely unable
to visit anyone. So we focused on members. We visited some less
actives and that was great.

Christmas eve and Christmas all we did was eat. Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner. We ate and ate and ate. But Christmas did come! And Church was
awesome! We had so many members singing and playing musical
instruments.. It was great, we also sang in the choir cause why not?
After church we called home! And then we had Dinner again..

btw... THANK YOU ALL for all the christmas cards y'all sent! It was so
fun to read all the letters and feel your support. It means a lot to

Love you all and until next week-

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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