Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day, and close calls

Another week down for the count. This one was crazy though! We got
transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Knight is leaving and I will be
staying in G-Ville! I was hoping that I would stay so I guess that
prayer was answered. Let me tell y'all about my week.

Our Monday was awesome, we had a Zone activity and I sent the pictures
already so you won't get those today, but it was fun! We went to
Chatham Manor and got some good zone pics, then we walked on the
grounds again. After that we all went to the Boscobel Building and
played some sports for a minute. We emailed and chilled for the rest
of the day, it was a ton of fun.

Our week was pretty straight forward. We had the same routine
throughout the week and it was pretty normal. We would usually walk
the first portion of the day then hop on bikes for the rest of the
day. Although I've had more close calls on my bike this week than the
rest of the transfer! We were headed to a quick teaching appointment
and out of nowhere this white BMW cuts me off and I was so close to
gettin nailed haha. But luckily the brakes are pretty much the only
thing that work on my bike so I was able to slow down before I got
clipped. It was sketch. The next close call was when we were biking
through an apartment complex and a car runs though a stop sign. I
didn't see him either cause of the parked cars, but I heard him slam
on his brakes and it woke me up real quick! Anyway I'll move on.

We had a couple cool miracles this week though! The first on was that
we are starting to find some really solid investigators. The work is
slowly picking back up! The first investigator we found was from
knocking a formers house. She came out and was hardcore southern
baptist. She is a "stalwart member of the body of Christ" in her own
words. She is a whacko but she's prepared. If we start teaching her
and if she gets serious about it, than we're going to have to jump
some pretty big hurdles with the Word of Wisdom..

The next investigator we found was a girl named Natalie! She is 18 and
finishing up high school now. She loves our message, so much that
while we were teaching her she ran inside to get a coat so she
wouldn't freeze! She has a lot of potential, and she almost even came
to church! We told the young women about her and all of them are super
excited to meet her!

Yesterday we met this cool dude named Joe. We were knocking and he let
us in immediately. He's from Haiti, but came to America and made it
big. He's super humble though. He loves God, and we sat with him for
an hour talking about the blessings that would come to him by listing
to to the teachings of the Book of Mormon. He said the closing prayer
and said he would love to attend church in the future, but he's coming
to the Bible study!

Oh yeah the Bible study? Huge success this last week. We had 4
investigators there! Over all there were 18 people there excluding
missionaries. It was such a big turnout! The sisters taught the class
and they did a great job. Almost everyone we talked to afterwards told
us that they were going to come back! It's really taking off in the
ward. One of the investigators that was brought to the study was
someone we didn't meet before so we are hopefully going to teach him
in the future. It was a cool miracle.

Alma 37:47 "And now, my son, see that ye take care of these sacred
things, yea, see that ye look to God and live. Go unto this people and
declare the word, and be sober. My son, farewell."

Love you guys! Have a great week and I'll talk to ya soon!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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