Monday, February 27, 2017

Hailstorms and distant explosions

So I can't remember how much I've actually talked about my area, but
I'll fill you in. There is a Military base that borders our ward.
Throughout the week you'll hear gunfire and helicopters occasionally.
But this week was different. We were doing our studies and we felt the
house shake! It was awesome. It lasted all day and supposedly they are
dropping bombs on the base. So idk kinda cool fun fact for y'all.

This week was awesome! We didn't have much planned, but a lot turned
out. We started the week out with a Church tour! It was with a new
investigator that we found two weeks ago named Natalie. She came to
the church and we taught her the restoration after showing her the
church. She loved it and told us that she wanted to start coming! She
had a field hockey tournament this week so she wasn't able to make it
yesterday but this week she will!

Soo this entire week was really nice weather. In fact I spent most of
it without a jacket! The average this week was 65°! So we were out
enjoying the weather and we had a storm roll in later in the week. No
big deal, just some giant freaking hail stones! Like Legit hail!
luckily we were in the church when it struck and we were shielded from
it, but it came down hard. It gave cars and homes dents and even tore
up the siding of our home! It was intense. But fun. Virginia weather
is confusing.

Anyway we went through the week trying to balance teaching
appointments and finding opportunities. We had a couple cool return
appointments, including one family names Edwin. We taught him the
restoration and he said he was super interested in coming to church.
So there is some potential there! It was a good week and we were super
productive throughout the week.

Elder Griffin is getting broken in to the area, and from us walking
around everywhere he's been able to pick up the area real quick. So
there hasn't been a delay which has been good! We've met a lot of new
people and we've had a ton of cool appointments.

Moroni 7:47 "But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth
forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall
be well with him."

Love ya guys and talk to you soon!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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