Monday, February 6, 2017

Fastest week on my mission right here

This week flew, wow. But I have a lot to write about so that's good!
I'll start from the beginning if you'll bear with me.

So I'll start with a cool Genealogy miracle! We had dinner at the
Blakes home, and when we sat down and waited for her (the wife) to
bring the rest of the food out, she was asking us where we were from.
So I told her I was from logan. She's like "oh cool I had a ton of
family out that way. In fact they owned a lot of land after logan was
established". (So I'm thinking to myself, that's cool cause my family
did also). She asked me "yeah, actually my family has a Park out there
called Gibbons Park. Do you know where that is?"
Of course at his point I'm confused because I'm used to people knowing
my name cause of my tag. So I looked at her confused like and
responded with, "yes, I know where that's at.. that's a remnant on my
G-Grandpas land!" So after I told her my name was Elder Gibbons, you
could see the connections that happened haha. Anyway at dinner she
Facetimed her mom, who is serving a mission in Brazil. Her Name is
Diane. Her husband is Wayne. So Her father was Reed Gibbons, who is
Rays Brother. She said she knows Ray and Amy and all about the farm!
Anyway. It was really cool to see what a small world this earth is..
so I ate at my cousins house!

Okay the rest of this week was a blur, tbh I have to use my Journal as
a reference because I can't remember anything it seems like. Anyway
around the middle of the week we were doing service at the library and
I ran into a member in the Fredericksburg ward. So I ran up and said
hi and started talking to him. But I could sense something was off
with him. He told us how he left the church because of some Anti
Mormon rhetoric he was exposed to. We sat down and started talking to
him about what he found and how it effected his testimony. A lot of
the stuff he told us was familiar to me because they were all in the
CES letters. He wasn't preaching anti to us, in fact he was showing
remorse. He told us that he wants to go back to church so bad, but his
wife won't let him. He still holds onto his temple recommend because
it reminded him of everything he had to change for the better to get
it. So we basically told him to get off the internet and get back to
scripture. It was a super sad conversation because he was one of the
members that took care of the missionaries in the ward. Not only that,
but their 18 yr old was preparing himself for a mission.

On a better note, we had the Bible study! It was awesome! The first
class was a little rough because we didn't really know how to teach
it. But halfway through the class we started reading out of John, to
our surprise people actually started to chime into the discussion! So
we had 3 members there, 2 less actives, 2 recent converts and 1
investigator! So we read out of John 1 and talked about the Saviors
premortal existence. We had a discussion on how Jesus Christ is the
Light of the World. Such a cool experience! In the future now that we
know how we want to structure the lessons I think we'll have more
people there!

Love you all so much. Thanks for your support and letters! I'll try
and reply to you later today!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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