Monday, January 30, 2017

Knocking and more knocking

This week was quick. We spent most of it knocking.. which is not a bad
thing it's just tiring.. and this email is gonna be short also!

So near the beginning of the week we started reaching out to the less
actives in the ward, which turned out to be pretty successful! We are
starting a bible study class this week so we are trying to get all the
part members to the class as we can! So we contacted pretty much all
the less actives in the area and gave them an invite. The class starts
this week! Which I'm pumped about. We already have 2 investigators
that want to come, and the Sisters have a couple that are coming also!
But the cool thing is to see how thrilled the ward is to have a bible
study. We ate at a couple families homes, and every family told us how
excited they are for it! So I'm really hoping it will be a success for
the ward.

We spent the entirety of the last week knocking doors. We probably
knocked for 6 hours a day, and probably only had one return
appointment. So that was discouraging, but we have to keep it up to
get those new investigators!

In the middle of the week we had a worldwide mission conference and
the council that we got from that was awesome. We also were given a
new schedule! So now I can get a full nights rest. Anyway there was a
ton in the broadcast that was awesome.

Sorry again this email is short, and sorry I failed to wish Samantha a
happy birthday.. anyway I love y'all! Talk to ya soon!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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