Monday, January 16, 2017

Chante got dunked!

This week was awesome.. we had.. a Baptism!

Okay well before I get to that I'll share a part of my week with you.
The beginning of the week we were working very close with Chante to
get her ready for her baptism. We taught her everyday leading up to
it, and in just this week you could see that she was getting more
converted everyday. In one lesson I asked her to share her testimony
about the Book of Mormon. It was alright, but it sounded like a wrote
one that all the kids bore in fast and testimony meeting. So after
that lesson we asked her to read a couple chapters though out the Book
of Mormon. She read and we met with her the day before her baptism.
When she was getting her clothing you could see just how happy and how
ready she was to get baptized. We were leaving the church and I asked
her to share her testimony to us and a member that we were with,
almost instantly she started getting teary eyed and told us that she
was in the best, happiest place she had ever been in her entire life.
She told us that the Book of Mormon gave that to her. So we read a
couple more scripture and waited for the following day!

So Finally Saturday rolled around and we had to go to the church early
to fill the font and make preparations for the baptism. While the font
was getting filled up we had a quick correlation meeting with our ward
mission leader. We were nearing the baptism and we were worried that
no one would show up. Mormon standard time was real. No one got to the
baptism until 10 minutes before it. Chante showed up and we took a
quick picture but then we had to run in and start the service. It was
such a good baptismal service. The entire program was youth in the
ward. It was really special for her. Just before the baptism, all the
young women went up and sung "When I am Baptized". The spirit was so
thick in the air you could reach out and touch it. And there wasn't
one dry eye in the audience.

I think this was a very special day for her. She was telling us about
how she was ready to get baptized and how she had her doubts. But when
she was dunked she came out of the water with a giant smile on her

Anyway, it was a great week for us here in garrisonville. We caught a
break and had another day that was 75° so that was a huge blessing!
But I love it here and I know that I'm suppose to be serving here.

I love you all and hope you week was awesome! Talk to you soon!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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