Monday, March 6, 2017

G-villa on wheels 🚲

Btw Joseph got baptized! I started teaching him out in Rivanna. So cool that I was able to go out to his baptism. I surprised them which was even cooler


Sorry this email will be short, I really haven't had a lot of time to
write today. This week was great though! I'll try to break it down the
best I can but it was really all over the place.

So near the beginning of the week we started finding a ton of people.
Did a lot of walking and knocking. Nothing new for G-ville though. We
found a couple people who are just ready for the gospel. Though we did
break up tracting by some appointments throughout the week. We saw
this guy named Keith, who has a huge drinking problem. But after we
started teaching him regularly he has cut back on the alcohol! It's
neat so talk to him when he's sober because he is actually a really
smart dude! However the last lesson we had with him this week was not
a great because he was plastered. You could smell how drunk he was. We
tried to teach him but he couldn't hold the Book of Mormon straight.
We committed him to not drink the next time we taught him! So
hopefully he will continue to be sober when we teach him.

We taught Natalie this week again and she still has so much potential!
We had another lesson with her at the church and this time we brought
a girl her own age to the lesson. We also brought Bro Cozzens. This
dude was critical in the lesson because he started connecting the Book
of Mormon to things in her life that I wouldn't have ever said. It was
cool to watch him teach.

After some really good lessons this week there was a lot of knocking.
We were walking.. until Saturday when I had a giant box show up on my
door! Yes a bike came! Thank you so much pops! I assembled it right
away and immediately started using it! It is so nice not to walk

Anyway thought I would share this scripture with y'all in D&C 82:10
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what
I say, ye have no promise."

Be obedient. It's easy, and you get mega blessings from it.

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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