Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm getting transferred!

Hola Familia, so today we are going to Fredericksburg to go bowling.
Hopefully I'll have some internet there so I could email. This week
was great! But I'll try to give you a quick synopsis of my week here
in Garrisonville. I think I should let y'all know I did get a call to
get transferred! So I'm excited about it and also pretty sad that I'm
leaving Garrisonville. So I'll be able to say goodbye to some people
here before I leave.

This week we did the normal Garrisonville stuff. We biked everywhere
and did a lot of finding. We didn't find anyone new this week, but we
did get a lot of return appointments. Unfortunately we didn't have any
of those return appointments want us back. But that's normal
missionary work!

On Tuesday we had an exchange with the ZL's we both went to their area
and we worked over there for the day. I'd say the exchange went really
well. Elder Eames is a great guy. They have an investigator that we
taught that actually got baptized on Saturday. Tuesday was a great

Wednesday we did a lot of finding. We had like all of our appointments
fall through. We did get new Ward Missionaries though so we had a
correlation meeting at the end of the night with them.

Thursday we had a great lesson with the Coppas. So I should clear
something up, cause there was a lot of confusion. Sister Coppa is a
returning member and we are working with Steven, her husband to get
him closer to the gospel. She is awesome and we love going over there.
You can see the change that has taken place in her life and she has
really loved being welcomed back into the gospel.

Friday we had a lesson with Keith about him and his progression. He
thinks that whenever we see over there it counts as church soo we
talked to him more and hopefully he will continue to realize that
church is more important and eventually he will come.

Anyway that was my week! Thanks for all the love and support! I'll let
you know next week where I go! Adios

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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