Monday, March 13, 2017

Gonna get snow tonight

Our awesome district

I have a love/hate relationship with VA's weather. The entire month of
February I'm talking like 70° avg. and now it's gonna snow tonight!
I'm so confused.

Anyway this week was dope! Sorry it's going to be a short email, I
don't have a lot of writing time today.

The beginning of the week we had a really good lesson with this family
who has been investigating the church for about 40 yrs. They've had a
bunch of missionaries in the past but haven't made any real progress.
So we went over there and just pushed prayer with them. They said they
haven't prayed together since they got married. It was really
spiritual and they agreed to pray. Hopefully they make some progress.
They've also been working with the Senior couple in the area so we are

This week was full of knocking and street contacting. We talked to a
bunch of people and this one girl we met gave us a huge bag of rice
crispy treats. We talked to her about her mission and she told us that
she was once a missionary. We talked to her about her mission and she
served for her faith in Northern Africa. It was totally different than
what our missions are.

Anyway we taught a couple of really good lessons this week. During one
of those lessons the Sisters in our district called us and one of
their investigators decided to get baptized outta the blue! It was
crazy. So we were on our way to interview her, and then we got a call
that she had to be interviewed by President. So we continued our work
and got another call later on. The Sisters asked me if I could come
play the piano with them while they practiced a song with eachother
for the baptism. When I got their the song was a lot more difficult
than I had thought. So instead of playing it we sang with them. They
asked us if we could sing at the baptism so of course we said yes. We
sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessings at her baptism and it was
awesome. Such a good song and loved it. Loved it so much that she
started clapping afterwards! So she'll have to work on that a little..

We had a bunch of cool experiences this week and one of them being my
interview with President. We talked about a lot plus my future area! I
can't give any hints away but just know that I'm so incredibly excited
for it. Anyway you'll be able to find out in 3 weeks!

We had a cool miracle at church. No investigators but we did have two
less actives come! We taught them both and after Sacrament meeting we
saw them and we were shocked! It was so cool to see them! And they
were both so happy. Anyway it was a cool experience.

Sounds like everyone back home is doing well! It sounds like it's
warmer there than here! We got a chance to watch the face to face
event with President Eyring and Elder Holland. It's a great face to
face and highly recommend watching it.

Have a great week! Talk to you next week!

~Elder Caleb Gibbons

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