Monday, March 14, 2016

First Baptism!

Man this week was full of hot and colds. On one hand I watched my
trainer leave and it was pretty hard for me. On the other hand I got a
new companion, Elder Giddings! We met at transfer meeting and we're
best friends already. So I'm not sure if the whole family knows yet,
but this transfer was interesting. We ended up moving the sisters out
of the area and we combined with them. So now we are over the entire
Fredericksburg Ward. It's pretty exciting! I've always wanted to
proselyte in downtown Fredericksburg! Anyway it's been a pretty big
adventure for us because when the sisters left we also inherited the
car and apartment. It's been very fun for us! So we don't have any
wifi near our place so we have to come to the church from now on to
email, which is okay because we don't live that far away from it.

So two days ago we finally got John Shields baptized! It was awesome
because you can tell he was extremely happy that he finally got
baptized. His brother flew out from Oregon and got baptized with him.
It was probably the coolest baptism that I will have on my mission
because they both got baptized together and they have been waiting
forever for it. Unfortunately Elder Hudson didn't get a chance to
witness the baptism. They facetimed him after so he was able to talk
to them both. Anyway that's all for me! I hope that you all are
staying safe and warm especially since it is spring time! I'm so happy
to hear from all of you. I'll send a PPI when I can.

Your Virginia Rebel-

- Elder Caleb Gibbons

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