Monday, May 30, 2016

6 Months out

So this week I'll hit my six month mark. Crazy how fast time flies
when you're serving a mission. But this last week wasn't as fun as I
would've hoped for. We have great weeks and bad weeks and sometimes
they suck but you have to hold you're head high as you move through

So to start this week off we had an exchange with the district leader,
and I taught one of our investigators in Spanish, but halfway through
the lesson the district leader said something in Spanish (I don't know
what) but she got offended and dropped us. Which sucked because she
had the most potential out of all our investigators. But it happens..
To end the exchange we are some Mexican food at a awesome restaurant.
But before that I had a canker sore so I was constantly putting
cankaid on it, and I got sick from putting fingers in my mouth. And
the Mexican food made it worse. So I had to work feeling like crap for
the next two days. And it was super disappointing when people heard me
talk and told us to come back when we weren't sick. So the rest of the
week we taught other people and actually had a good lesson at the end
of the week.

But I mean even though we ended the week on a good note, we had to
attend two funerals in our ward this week, and I found out that a
recent convert, in our last ward, her daughter died on Friday and her
funeral is tomorrow. So there's been a lot of people dying around here
for some reason. And I just got the news yesterday that GreatGrandpa
Gibbons passed away on Friday as well. So I'm trying to keep my mind
off of that as much as I can but its hard not to think about.

As far as finding efforts go in Rivanna, we found two new people who
are very willing and able to read from the Book of Mormon and
progress. So we are still working hard and seeing many miracles!

I took some cool pictures on Friday and maybe it was because of how
crowed the gates were up there? Haha but I'm trying to keep my head up
and continue working with a positive attitude!

Love you all and hope that all is well at home.

- Elder Caleb Gibbons

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