Monday, May 23, 2016

Weeks are blending together...

Well this week was just like the other weeks in my mission. Like I
said in my last email, we had a zone pday last Monday, so this Monday
we are taking it easy... But this week was straight forward! On
Tuesday we went out with a member and visited some people who are
getting super close to baptism. One of them being Samuel, who is a
super solid guy, but works all the time. But we were able to catch him
and have a great lesson out of it. The next day we got some not so
good news, one of the members in the ward who had a heart attack, was
taken off of the ventilator and passed away. It was unfortunate and
the entire ward is pulling together to help the family and friends.
We have an investigator who was super down to read the Book of Mormon
but he decided that the best way for him to learn about it was online.
So the lesson we had with him was basically him trying to prove the
Book of Mormon wrong. We hit a few key points and left the lesson
after hearing our testimonies. I've gotten a lot of that out here in
Rivanna. Unfortunately people now a days are very lazy and don't
actually want to read.. It's happened a lot.
On Friday we had interviews with our mission president and they went
well. He is ready to go home and spend some time with his grand kids.
Although he only has one month left, he is still working very hard. He
is one of the most devoted servant I've ever met.
After the interview we exchanged with the Spanish district leader and
I got to go serve as a Spanish missionary for a day. And let me just
say I got my rear handed to me. They speak so fast and I can only pick
out a little. But they were very friendly and I bore my testimony in
Spanish and also said a prayer! So that exchange was a ton of fun!

Well I hope that this week I will be able to write more, but I hope
all is well and everyone is healthy! Loves you all~

- Elder Caleb Gibbons

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