Monday, May 2, 2016

Country boy Gibbons

Well I guess in six weeks I'll have to start adding Jacob to the list
for my email. Congrats! I'm so pumped for you! And you're speaking
Spanish so that is pretty sweet too.

So I got moved to an area called Rivanna. It's located in central
Virginia and our area is about 100 miles long. It's huge.. It
definitely is a huge change from Fredericksburg. The ward here is
awesome and the environment is generally friendly, however there is a
huge Catholic influence here and no one wants to talk to us. This
areas work is very slow. Most of the work is tracting which is a drag,
but hopefully we will be able to find someone to bring to the kingdom.
My new companion is a greenie. He is only 3 months out so I have a
small amount of experience on him. In the mission we call it "breaking
in a greenie" when the greenie gets a regular companion instead of a
trainer. Anyway the area needs more work so we are out at 10 and in at
9. It's a lot of work and we will have to keep it up to find people
who are ready for us.

Our new address is:
495 deepwood farm rd
Scottsville, VA 24590

We live in the basement of a members home, who has a farm. It is a
beautiful area and the people upstairs are very friendly. We still
have a car and so that is blessing. We had a cool experience on Friday
when we went to go try a potential investigator. His name was Pat and
when we first pulled into his driveway, he seemed like he was going to
chase us off of his property. We introduced ourselves and he lightened
up. Then the people that he was with came over and told us that they
were members! We started to talk and drew a conversation about
motorcycles. Luckily I knew a thing or two about bikes. But he told us
to come back and we will begin teaching him soon! Other than that we
have no solid investigators. Like I said earlier, we are knocking a
lot and working hard.

That's about it for this week! Next Sunday I will FaceTime you around
6:30 my time, or 4:30 your time. Remember to answer! Because if you
don't I won't be able to call later!

Love you a lot!

- Elder Caleb Gibbons

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